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 Family slots

Donor Family Slots for UK Distribution

HFEA regulations require that no donor distributed in the UK can result in births for more then ten families.  Because of this regulation, all providers of Sperm Units must track and ensure that a donor is not being actively used for pregnancy in excess of this limit.

In order to allow patients to reserve access to a specific Donor we require all patients to purchase a Family Slot for the Donor they wish to use for insemination.  This Family Slot gives the patient the right to purchase vials from that donor and use that donor’s specimens for starting a family.


Donor Family Slot
£ 250

A Donor Family Slot is required to purchase and use a donor’s sperm to start a family in the UK. One family slot is required per donor. A Family Slot is good for 6 months and must be renewed if it is not used within the 6 month timeframe.

Donor Sperm Vials

Donor Sperm Vials & Staws

Brighton Fertility Associates offers a great selection of vial unit types from a large selection of available donors at competitive prices.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our donors or need assistance in making a selection.

IUI (intra-uterine insemination)
£ 850
IUI or “Washed” units are usually used for an insemination directly into the uterus with the assistance of a physician or clinic. These are our standard premium vials.
IVF (A.R.T - Intra-uterine insemination assisted reproductive technologies)
£ 850
IVF vials are “Washed” units that have fewer sperm cells per unit then our standard IUI premium vials. IVF vials contain 8-19 million sperm per ml. These vials are often used for IVF procedures.


Shipping your Vials

Brighton Fertility Associates will work with you and your clinic on making sure you donor specimens can be delivered in time for your insemination procedure.

Upon checking out, you will be asked if you want to ship any of your vials, and if so what date your Treatment is scheduled. We will work with you to ensure that your donor specimens can be delivered in the necessary timeline.

Shipping (Within 50 Miles)
£ 80
Shipping (Between 51 - 100 Miles)
£ 150
Shipping (Between 101 - 250 Miles)
£ 300
Shipping (Over 250 Miles)
£ 500

All mileage distances ares calculated based on non-toll roads.

 Storage Services

Vial Storage Services

Brighton Fertility Associates offers short and long term storage of donor semen onsite at our facility in Hove.  All purchased vials include free vial storage as part of the purchase of the Family Slot so that patients have enough time to schedule their procedures.


Short Term Storage
Short Term Storage is included with the purchase of a Family Slot.
6 Months Storage
£ 200
1 Year Storage
£ 300

All pricing excludes VAT.  20% VAT will be calculated and included to the grand total at checkout.

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